Waiting and watching is a torture

Just do it..

Sports in Asia..

Sea Gull and a bike on the moon

Nice drawing

Staining global urban area with white

2, 7 % of global land area is covered with cities. Urban area. Staining the roof tops, roads, with white will reduce global warming significantly..

Staining the global marine fleet with white

Total surface area of the global marine fleet is 325 km2. Staining all the ships with white will help significantly with global warming.

Mustafa Kemal, Atatürk

On the cover of the time magazine..

Ultra High RPM Space Engine

The only means of high altitude, space propulsion.

In Berlin

Anybody knows the artist ?


There won't be any Registered Syrien left in Turkey

Kurt Ahmet Paşa ( Osum) Bridge

Still standing. Beautiful..


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