Der Anarchist

Unabheangiger Anarchy für ein neues, besseres Leben

Impact on Social Media

Innovation = Social Media

Child Abuse in Turkey

Appatent child abuse by Lösev, Turkey. Billions of dollars donation money is sucked by advertisements. Only a hospital with 400 beds is made in 7 years.. lösev works with the corrupt AKP government

Flug über das Ruhrgebiet


Hayal Gücü, Paul Fierens

Güzel söz.

Sanat Dünyamız 1992

Aliye Bergen 1992

Picasso himself

Young Picasso himself


Next Generation Gyrocopter

Gyro Glider Rotationally Balanced Around The Circumference.

1. Field of The Invention:

The present invention relates to an upgraded gyroplane design, and more particularly to a gyroplane design with an additional control over the center of gravity and direction of the horizontal engine on the same frame. Sensing the direction of the attack wind, the particular design adjust the center of gravity, and the direction (as well as the thrust) of the horizontal engine in real-time allowing the system to float in a fixed position.

2. Background of The Invention:

1897 Ottoman Greek War

Ottoman Greek war in detaill from the archives of Turkish Military Forces

İkinci Kosova Muharebesi

Muharebenin Detaylari 1299-


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