Innovation in Canada

Better than US.

Iletişimsel Eylem Kuramı

Bir normun geçerliliği..

Kara delikler

Bir karadeliğin Anatomisi..

Thinking Fast and Slow

Just do it.


Power of Gods taken away..

Space Debris Cleaner

The only way to to down and burn multiple space debris without getting out of orbit....

Rocket Back Landing

An electrical means of rocket back landing: Side propellars open during the free fall of the rocket 1st stage. The system charges during the free fall. Free fall is balanced and controlled with a speed lower than terminal velocity. Final adjustments are made and short powered flight lands the first stage...


Tournuboi Şapeli..

Kitchen List

From US with love..

Yayıncılıkta Dönüşüm

Kağıttan çipe..


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