AI Dreaming

The Scarry question for AI

The AI answers the "if questions" as opposed to "when questions"..

The Deep Learning AI Playbook

one idea becomes a link to another idea.

Atatürk for Young Readers

Sulyan and Caliph in Istanbul before Ataturk

Boris Johnson

Boris is the hero. UK lost EU.

Sivas Divriği Cami

Selçuklu Harikası.

Homo Deus

Kaçınılmaz gelecek.

L1 point between Earth and Moon

The acting forces at L1 between earth and the moon. Dorn- Bader Oberstufe.

Kuvvetin Koşullanmışlığı

Hegel' den kuvvet üstüne.

Menschliches, Allzumenschliches

Über Substanz.


Hervorragend von Nietche


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