Next Generation Gyrocopter

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Gyro Glider Rotationally Balanced Around The Circumference.

1. Field of The Invention:

The present invention relates to an upgraded gyroplane design, and more particularly to a gyroplane design with an additional control over the center of gravity and direction of the horizontal engine on the same frame. Sensing the direction of the attack wind, the particular design adjust the center of gravity, and the direction (as well as the thrust) of the horizontal engine in real-time allowing the system to float in a fixed position.

2. Background of The Invention:

As of 2017 there are various gyrocopter designs. The spectrum is various; starting from gyrokite toy designs, C gyro planes to one seated hobby designs and two seated commercial gyro-airliners, manned and unmanned versions of the gyro-plane designs are also used for various purposes ranging from hobby time toys, air transportation of goods and people and to air surveliance.

Gyro-desing with a passivelly rotating rotor-blade setting has an inherent balancing ability. The ability of balancing the attack wind automatically enables various gyro designs to glide in the wind passivelly or else in the motorized versions to run (fly) against the wind while keeping the gryroplane afloat or else climb.

Due to its inherent balancing nature, and being center of gravity and thrust of the horizontal engine are two main control mechanisms, a gyroplane design is easy to control.

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